Everyday life and routines….

I just spent couple days reading the book Maa-ilma (the world) written by Mikko Lehtonen. In the chapter 10 “Power” he talks lot about the freedom. How everything that we actually are depending on creates the feeling of freedom and gives us the freedom. How people in western are convinced that they are free and able to reach for there invidual goals. Is it freedom if we are allowed to do what we want or is freedom only if we are also able to do what we want do.  That a question asked in the beginning of this chapter.

We are so convinced that we are free that we dont actually see how community is controlling us. How much we earn, own, what we do for living, how many kids we have they are all in books and papers. We have identified ourselves so closely with our country that we dont question these things very often. We have our rights and we have our Obligations. We also dont realize how much we depend on other people, people we might not even know to make our food, clean our homes, take care of our kids….

Lehtonen calls this the freedom paradoks: the feeling of freedom comes from the Full dependence that we have. We can forget how much we realy on the system and on other people becuse it has become a routine and our everyday life depends on them. Dependences restrict out life and they make our life more free. We dont realize how  forseeable our everyday life is. We have weekly routines and we have yearly routines. As Lehtonen sayes routines have for really long been to boring for science but in routines we actually see the whole world flashing. Following routines tells us that a person has an idea of what others are expecting him to act like. So routines show that we have exepted our lives under the power of the system with out even relizing it.

I love routines, the feeling that something that happened will happen next week at the same time at the same place. I love going to work, I love the word työpaikka (workpleace in finnish). If somebody calls me when Im on my way to my work I love saying “Im on my way to my workpleace” I love telling that I have this pleace where people are waiting for me and they need me to do my part. I think that partyes are great and I love holidays but I think that best of all is everyday life.

Lehtonen rights that the power does not only influence when we do things we dont like but also when we do things just to keep our everyday life on order. I will continue reading his book and it will demand a lot of thinking. At the same time I will enjoy being under the powers that make me follow my routines and run my everyday life.

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