Merry christmas

Merry christmas to everyone. I hope you have good people around you and I hope you don’t get too many gifts!
Last couple years I have had a rule with gifts: I only buy something that will not last. This means wine, food, candles, soap, gift card to massage etc. This year I made a new rule: I don’t buy gifts only because its Christmas, valentines day or birthday unless I find something that would be a good gift. Last night I watched a documentary film minimalism. It was really good film telling how people try to fill the emptiness inside of them by buying more stuff. As Neuropsychologist Rick Hanson said in the movie “At this time when we here in western world are experiencing the best standard of living evere, why do we also have this wanting for more?”
The film was really good and I Specially remember the last words wher Joshua Fields said “Love people and use things because the opposite never works”

Enjoy Christmas and check the webpage of Joshua and Ryan:

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