The winner dessert

So not to many gifts this Christmas but the amount of desserts we had. There was cheesecake, pecan pie and pumpkin pie. But the winner was also the easiest to make Gingerbread-liquorice ice-cream. I thought ill share it with you:

Gingerbread-liquorice ice-cream
Piparkakku-lakritsi jäätelö

4 dl whipped cream, kermavaahtoa

2 cans (397g) of condensed milk , kondensoitu maito

appr. 20 gingerbreads, piparkakkua

Lakrids salty liquorice syrup, Lakrids salmiakki siirappia

Whip the cream and the mix it with the condensed milk. Break the gingerbreads and add them. For the liquor I used one of my favorites the Danish Lakrids salty liquorice syrup. hard to say how much is good, star with a small amount and add little depending on how much you like the taste of liquorice. Put in freezer at least for five hours.

This portion is very big so you might want to split it, if you have gluten-free guests coming put some on side before adding gingerbread. You can replace them with gingerbread spice.

I love the mixture of salty and sweet, Hope you do to!

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