Decluttering or not…

We were eating our last Christmas meal for this year together with my parents last night. I hadn’t really thought before that my dinner table is in the same place where my two mares used to live before. In my barn home this is the only room I have done completely myself (which also can be seen in some parts). My mother and my daughter still think its the best room in the house, the room also works as my office thats why there is a small desk.
I hate when I have too much staff around me so as Im having a short winter break I started selling some old furnitures and clothes on Facebook. And I ended up driving one hour each way to pick-up this beautiful English tableware. Everything in my home is quite industrial or plain so this adds some color. I specially love those handmade wineglasses which I will use as water glasses. The lady who gave it to me told me that she had been married for 35 years and this had been there first tableware together. Its perfect in my dining room, best Christmas gift.

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