To be able and willing

In airplane you sometimes here the cabin crew telling those passengers that are seated in the exit seat that “In case of an emergency you need to be able and willing to operate this door”

Those are the very first things one needs to have to get something done or to learn something new. A person needs to believe that he is capable of doing what needs to be done and he also needs to feel that he is motivated to do it. The feeling “I Can” whether its realistic or not is the base for motivation. Inner motivation means that somebody does something just because its fun. Sometimes inner motivation can be destroyed by starting to reward this person for what he is doing, this is called over-justification effect. Reward destroys the fun because the doing is seen as an way to achieve something else (the reward).
This has lead to an theory called self-determination theory which explains what kind of environment leads to stronger inner-motivation. There needs to be a possibility to make choice, have a meaning for doing and it also needs to value ones personal feeling and opinions.

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