Until the court do us part

Total divorce rates are really difficult to compare.  Now-days specially in western countries common-law marriages are also so popular and so many kids are born outside marriage that what does divorce rates actually tell us?

Denmark is on of the happiest countries in the world and also on of the easiest to get a divorce. If both parties agree for divorce and agree on the terms of the divorce they can select to divorce immediately. According to The Times this about to change for couples who have children. In future they need to have 3 months “reflection period” with free counseling also for the kids. I think its a great idea.

In Finland parents can go and talk to “children inspector” whos job is to help the parents to come in to an agreement in issues like where is the child going to live, how has to pay and what and when does the other parent get to see the child. Children are heard and if they are over 12 they can usually choose where they want to live.

My friend just tried to make an appointment for one of this inspectors and the next available time would be in 3 months. Helsingin sanomat reported that many of the times are left unused. I guess its because in 3 months parents who are getting divorce need to make decisions with help or not.  Divorce rates or marriage are not measure of the well being of children. More important is how the life of the child is arranged after the divorce.



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