Until the court do us part

Total divorce rates are really difficult to compare. ┬áNow-days specially in western countries common-law marriages are also so popular and … More

Rye-perch tacos

Every Thursday in Helsingin sanomat there is “food pages”. There usually always good recipes but this morning this one looked … More


Here I am for couple days, in this side of the world. I sometimes need to travel and then I … More

To be able and willing

In airplane you sometimes here the cabin crew telling those passengers that are seated in the exit seat that “In … More

Who am I

Who are you? What comes to your mind first when this question is asked. Most people tell they are a … More


Happy rest of the year, I made no promises but this looked like something I wanted to share, don’t know … More

Decluttering or not…

We were eating our last Christmas meal for this year together with my parents last night. I hadn’t really thought … More

The winner dessert

So not to many gifts this Christmas but the amount of desserts we had. There was cheesecake, pecan pie and … More

Merry christmas

Merry christmas to everyone. I hope you have good people around you and I hope you don’t get too many … More